Mera Anwar is the designer behind the brand Miri, launched during New York Fashion Week 2010.
Miri manifests the designer’s life and eclectic background. A nomad by nature, Mera has infused
inspirations from her every adventure: exotic embroideries from South Asia, high quality silks
and luxurious fabrics from East Asia, and couture detailing and artisanship from Europe. All of
which combine to result in intricately detailed garments that fit the wearer’s body to perfection.

With each collection, Miri embodies Mera’s philosophy of juxtaposing aesthetics, evident through
the use of draping coupled with bespoke tailoring to create innovative silhouettes with
unpredictable color palettes. By using unconventional methods, Mera is able to produce unique
garments that always include an element of surprise.

Mera began her career in Paris, where she worked for a haute couture designer, Jasmin Santanen;
here, she was able to hone her skills in design and production. Following Paris, Mera moved to
New York City where she attended the exclusive Parsons New School of Design. While pursuing her
fashion design degree, she gained exceptional experience at numerous well-known designers
including John Galliano, Gian Franco Ferre, Malo, and Kara Ross. Upon graduating with honors,
she presented her first contemporary collection. Thereafter, Mera continued to work on her next
collection while freelancing as an assistant designer for major brands like J.Crew. Currently,
she spends all of her energy on the Miri Collection.

The MIRI girl is Modern. Edgy. Downtown. Chic.

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